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Over The Rainbow. Sulle note struggenti di Judy Garland e il ricordo di Stonewall ospiti cinematografici e musicali per una serata oltre l’arcobaleno / Over the Rainbow. Cinema and music guests will spend an evening over the rainbow on the heartbreaking notes of Judy Garland and the memory of Stonewall
Dalle 19:30 alle 20:30 Free Drink offerto da Compagnia dei Caraibi / From 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. free drink offered by Compagnia dei Caraibi

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Plaire, aimer et courir vite

(Sorry Angel)

Christophe Honoré

Francia, 2018, DCP, 132', col.

Jacques is a writer and a single parent. During a business trip in Rennes, he meets Arthur, an aspiring filmmaker in his twenties. They begin a relationship. This "intergenerational love story" leads us to think about the relationship between love and loss, youth and old age. The enthusiasm and courage of the young man contrasts with the writer's fear. The whole story takes place in a historical context, the Nineties, where AIDS dramatically conditions any outlook for the future or life plans.



Tell It to the Bees

Annabel Jankel

Regno Unito, 2018, DCP, 106', col.

After her marriage ends, with the responsibility of raising a child on her own, Lydia (Holliday Graiger) finds comfort in her relationship with Jean (Anna Paquin), the new doctor of the little town she lives in. We are in the rural Scotland during the 50's, a provincial little town not ready to accept a relationship between two women. The fragile, heartbreaking portrayal of a love story that must be kept secret…



You Look Good In Blue

Harrison Sheehan

USA, 2018, QuickTime ProRes, 15', col.

During one night, best friends Danny and Kara explore the shades of their friendship to the beat of the underground disco scene in Brooklyn, through stolen kisses and secret love making.

La Pornographe

(The Pornographer)

Gabrielle Demers

Canada, 2018, QuickTime ProRes, 11', col.

In the autumn of 1979, a women-only film crew begins shooting a softcore film. Jane, the director, is strongly attracted to a girl who has recently joined the group.

U For Usha

Rohan Parashuram Kanawade

India, 2019, DCP, 22', col.

Usha is a single mother, who works as farm labourer in rural India. She finds that she is attracted to a teacher at the local elementary school, in a way she had never thought possible.


Natasza Parzymies

Polonia, 2018, QuickTime ProRes, 2', col.

Warsaw airport. Security check. Two women lock eyes. This contact reveals an intense past. Something in their lives must change…

Infinito Enquanto Dure

(Infinite While It Lasts)

Akira Kamiki

Brasile, 2019, QuickTime ProRes, 18', col.

Danny and Seiji met at a party and fell in love. However, Danny is persuaded that their differences will turn out to be stronger than their love for each other. This is the first film featuring an openly asexual person as a leading character.

Days Off

Filip Blažek

Repubblica Ceca, 2018, DCP, 12', col.

One city, two neighbours. Two people surrounded by the noise of roadworks and the noise of their televisions and yet so full of intimate, secret feelings. A reflection on today's world, using satire and parody.

Dani Boi

Logan Mucha

Australia, 2018, QuickTime ProRes, 8', col.

Dani Weber is a drag king, a performer and activist who appears under the stage name of Dani Boi. His mission as an activist is to defeat binary gender and fight the constricting identity structures of society.

The Shit! An Opera

Kevin Rios

USA, 2018, QuickTime ProRes, 7', col.

In 2017, Frankie Moore, an eccentric and very sexually active young man, is unexpectedly inspired after a close encounter and decides to learn to…successfully bottom. The film won the Programmer's choice award at Bushwick Film Festival.