Un rubio

(The Blonde One)

Marco Berger

Argentina, 2019, DCP, 108', col.

Gabriel has just moved in with his colleague Juan in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Shy and reserved, Juan's meaningful looks make Gabriel feel uncomfortable. Juan's solid machismo seems confirmed by the endless stream of young women coming to his room. However, the physical attraction between the two men is undeniable. What starts out as a sexual relationship, facilitated by cohabitation, soon develops into a more loving and intimate relationship.





Christophe Charrier

Francia, 2018, QuickTime ProRes, 82', col.

Jonas, who works at the reception in a hospital, today is a tormented man who spends his time going to discos and having wild sex (he chains up his lovers). He is no longer his parents' beloved shy youngster, but now a tough man who struggles with something that upsets him profoundly. Jonas is aggressive, he's been arrested for getting into a fight at Boys, a local gay bar, during yet another casual encounter.What kind of trauma is concealed in his past? The film won the Best TV Film, Best Director and Best Music awards at the La Rochelle International Film Festival in 2018.





Christiaan Olwagen

Sudafrica, 2018, DCP, 123', col.

Canary is a coming-of-age musical dramaset in 1986 in South Africa. While serving in the army, Johan discovers himself through challenges, camaraderie, first love and the freeing power of music. In opposition to an environment in which law and religion oppress individuality, Johan begins to question his patriotism and his sexuality, while his creativity and his passion for music bring him into conflict with his commanding officers.




Carlotta Cerquetti

Italia, 2018, DCP, 52', col.

'Linfa' is a documentary about the female music/performance scene in the eastern area of Rome. The main characters share a common passion for art and music, and the freedom to be what they really want to be, beyond the stereotyped roles. The choice to follow their talents and the desire to realise their potential are life's blood (linfa) to them. The film gives a choral picture of the many shades of identity. It is a story of activism and choices which become political by using art as the means and as the end.

Guest: Carlotta Cerquetti (regista/director)

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Mishpaha Betrance

(Family in Transition)

Ofir Trainin

Israele, 2018, DCP, 70', col.

Family in Transition follows the events in the lives of a family in Nahariya, an Israeli town, who are going through a unique experience for a family in that area. Galit, the father and head of the family, tells everyone that he has decided to begin the process of Mtf transitioning. The documentary tells the story of a family that breaks social conventions and undermines our conventional ideas about gender, transgender, equality and fatherhood. But most of all it is a story of a family that redefines its own identity accepting and loving those close to them.



Butterflies in Berlin - Diary of a Soul Split in two

Monica Manganelli

Italia/Germania, 2019, QuickTime ProRes, 29', col.

The life of a man told through the metamorphosis of the butterfly in its four phases. Four steps that, with the use of animation, represent his physical and spiritual transformation.

Guests: Monica Manganelli (regista/director), Antonio Padovani (produttore/producer)


Jamie Di Spirito

Regno Unito, 2019, QuickTime ProRes, 17', col.

London. The hook-up between Axel and Joe brings up the question of HIV again, revealing one's status, living with the disease.

Four Quartets

Marco Alessi

Regno Unito, 2018, DCP, 11', col.

Raf takes us to a queer club. 11 minutes of music and dreamy colours, of memories and encounters, where the ability to go with the flow counts more than words.

Next Level Shit

Gary Jaffe

USA, 2019, QuickTime ProRes, 12', col.

Taylor (Ben Baur) is obsessively getting ready, trying to make sure that his third date with Chris (Daniel K. Isaac), the man of his dreams, is absolutely perfect. However, all his efforts lead to an unexpected result.

Guest: Emily McCann Lesser (produttore/producer)

Yulia & Juliet

Zara Dwinger

Paesi Bassi, 2018, QuickTime ProRes, 12', col.

This film deals with topics like freedom and love in juvenile detention centres. Yulia and Juliet courageously face their common fate, until one of the girls is released.

La Chambre des filles

(The Sister's Bedroom)

Claire Brognez

Canada, 2018, QuickTime ProRes, 7', col.

This is a Claymation film dealing with sensuality through the experience of involuntary interaction between two sisters, which is both charming and erotic, revealing secrets and desires.

Concern for Welfare

Fadia Abboud

Australia, 2018, QuickTime ProRes, 12', col.

Ali works as a police officer on probation. Lesbian and of Muslim descent she is in conflict with dominant conservative attitudes. A dramatic event will make her understand the value of family.




Wanuri Kahiu

Kenya/Sudafrica/Germania/Paesi Bassi/Francia/Norvegia/Libano, 2018, DCP, 83', col.

"Good Kenyan girls become good Kenyan wives," but Kena and Ziki long for something more.Despite the political rivalry between their families, the girls oppose this situation and remain close friends, supporting each other to pursue their dreams in a strongly conservative society. When love blossoms between them, the two girls will be forced to choose between happiness and safety. The film won Best Actress at the Panafricain du Cinéma de Ouagadougou Festival.

Interverranno Giziana Vetrano del Coordinamento Torino Pride, Suad Omar e Aliud Indrit del Festival delle Migrazioni / Giziana Vetrano from the Torino Pride Coordination, Suad Omar and Aliud Indrit from the Festival delle Migrazioni will be in dialogue



A Dog Barking At The Moon

Lisa Zi Xiang

Cina/Spagna, 2019, DCP, 107', col.

When pregnant writer Huang Xiaoyu, together with her husband Benjamin, returns home to visit her family, she finds a tense atmosphere within the house. Her mother ihas been brainwashed by a sect, while her father is distressed by the need to hide his homosexuality. The film was awarded the Teddy Jury Award 2019.



Gruppo di famiglia in un interno

(Conversation Piece)

Luchino Visconti

Italia/Francia, 1974, Blu-ray, 121', col.

An old American professor lives an existence of egocentric loneliness in the apartment in Rome that he inherited from his mother. He meditates on existential and human values, ignoring of the world around him. One day, Marchesa Brumonti decides to buy the apartment upstairs, with the aim of modernising it and gifting it to her young lover Konrad. The professor is at first disturbed by the intrusion of these new characters, who soon seem to bring him out of his solitude.

Guest: Helmut Berger (attore/actor)

In collaborazione con Distretto Cinema / In collaboration with Distretto Cinema



Keep the Lights On

Ira Sachs

USA, 2012, DCP, 102', col.

New York: Erik and Paul's one night stand turns into a conflictual relationship, strong but unstable, determined by the their temperamental natures, their obsessions and their drug addiction. But how far are they willing to go in order to stay together? A love story for our time, narrated with clarity and humorous insight by Ira Sachs, winner of the 2005 Sundance with Forty Shades of Blue and present at the 2010 Torino GLBT with Last Address. He also won the Teddy Award at the 2012 Berlin Film Festival.  

Guest: Ira Sachs (regista/director)

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Camille Vidal-Naquet

Francia, 2018, DCP, 99', col.

Léo is 22 and sells his body on the street for a bit of cash. Men come and go, and he stays right here - longing for love, the only thing that allows him to carry on despite the violent world that surrounds him. In spite of the brutality of his everyday life, he tries to find some sweetness in the time he spends with his clients, stealing kisses or hugs. Sauvage presents prostitution in everyday life, portraying "invisible" workers in a city, which, however, cannot do without them. Il film è stato presentato a Cannes nella sezione Semaine de la critique e selezionato al New Directors/New Film del MoMA di New York.




Joanna Reposi Garibaldi

Cile/Colombia, 2019, DCP, 96', col.

Writer, Visual Artist and pioneer of the LGBT movement in Latin America, Pedro Lemebel shook the conservative Chilean society under Pinochet's regime in the 80's. Body, blood and fire were the principal elements of his work, work he tried to express in a movie that he was never able to see completed. Lemebel is a heartbreaking portrait, taking us on an intimate and political journey as we witness his outrageous performances on themes relating to homosexuality and human rights. The film won the Teddy Award for Best Documentary.



The Bed and the Street

Heather Frise, Mike Hoolboom

Canada, 2018, QuickTime ProRes, 5', b/n-col.

The story takes place in the context of the anti-austerity movement. While citizens take back the streets, two women meet and fall in love.

Mudar de vida-Libera vita

Tonino De Bernardi

Italia, 2019, DCP, 85', col.

Against the background of a city like Turin, which is experiencing a crisis in industry and is always facing new difficulties, we take a look at the life of some young migrants: Stella, Mary, Irene, Augusta and Vien, who are guests of the TAMPEP. These women are often victims of exploitation and prostitution. So how do they feel, in a country where they can barely speak the local language and the culture is strange to them? "This is a film that comes from the desire to testify against the injustices of our modern society".

Guest: Tonino De Bernardi (regista/director)

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Il mito di Judy Garland è così radicato nell’immaginario LGBT da aver originato la leggenda metropolitana che i moti di Stonewall siano legati al dolore della comunità per la scomparsa dell’Artista. A 50 anni da quei fatti Lovers film festival omaggia una delle massime icone gay del XX secolo con un documentario live del musicteller Federico Sacchi. Un viaggio alla scoperta della “Garland Cantante” attraverso film, dischi, concerti e le apparizioni televisive che hanno reso Judy una leggenda / The myth of Judy Garland is so deeply rooted in LGBT imagery that it has given rise to the urban legend according to which Stonewall's uprisings were linked to the community's grief at the death of the Artist. 50 years after those events, Lovers Film Festival honors one of the greatest gay icons of the 20th century with a live documentary by the musicteller Federico Sacchi. A journey to discover the "Garland Singer" through films, records, concerts and television appearances that made Judy a legend


In collaborazione con l’Associazione Amici del Festival e con le illustrazioni di Clara Patella / In collaboration with the Amici del Festival Association and with the illustrations of Clara Patella Dalle 21:00 alle 22:15 Free Drink offerto da Compagnia dei Caraibi ai possessori del biglietto di ingresso per questo evento / From 9 to 10:15 p.m. free drink offered by Compagnia dei Caraibi to holders of admission tickets to this event



Breve historia del planeta verde

(Brief Story from the Green Planet )

Santiago Loza

Argentina/Germania/Brasile/Spagna, 2019, DCP, 75', col.

Tania is a transsexual woman who performs in a club in Buenos Aires. Dancer Pedro is a young creature of the night. Daniela is a waitress recovering from a painful break up. Three outsiders connected by a deep friendship. To fulfil the last wish of Tania's late grandmother, they embark on the bizarre journey to take an alien creature back to its planet. It is a chance to understand their feelings better and put their deep bond to the test. The film won the Teddy Award for Best Feature Film and the Readers' Award at

Guest: Cosimo Santoro (distributore)



Sr. Raposo

Daniel Nolasco

Brasile, 2018, QuickTime ProRes, 23', col.

In 1995 Acàcio finds out he is HIV positive. Representing everyday reality, the film is full of the constant pulsing of desire, sex and an impending sense of death.

Guest: Cosimo Santoro (distributore)

Mr. Leather

Daniel Nolasco

Brasile, 2019, QuickTime ProRes, 85', col.

Mr Leather was shot in 2018 in São Paulo during the second Mr. Leather Brazil competition. The winner will receive the Dom Barbudo sash, will be acclaimed national Mr. Leather and will be officially assigned the task of promoting fetish art during the year. The competition creates interest and enthusiasm in the gay community. The film introduces the contestants, describes all the preparation for the event and focuses on the importance and the power of the leather subculture.

Guest: Cosimo Santoro (distributore)

Preceduto dall’incontro con Romina Falconi al Circolo dei Lettori, per un talk show ad alto contenuto psicologico ed erotico / Preceded by the meeting with Romina Falconi at Circolo dei Lettori, for a talk show with a strong psychological and erotic content