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In collaborazione con Goodness Factory. Dialogo sulla diversità: un'intervista/dialogo con Pif. Pino Strabioli presenta Francesco Gabbani unplugged/
In collaboration with Goodness Factory. Conversing about diversity: an interview/conversation with Pif. Pino Strabioli hosts Francesco Gabbani unplugged.



Giovanni Coda

Italia/USA, 2017, DCP, 8', col.

20th April 2017. During a terrorist attack on the Champs Elysées in Paris, gendarme Xavier Jugelé is killed and two other officers are badly injured. He leaves behind his partner, his broken dreams, unanswered questions and an unsatisfied desire for peace.

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Film di apertura

Postcards from London

Steve McLean

Regno Unito, 2018, DCP, 90', col.

Jim is a good-looking provincial boy, as beautiful as a Greek god but with very few prospects in life, who decides to move to London. His first contact with the big city is catastrophic, until he meets the Raconteurs, a very particular group of male escorts from Soho, who love art and have extremely refined taste. This is the changing point: Jim becomes the most sought-after muse of all the artists in London. But he didn't realise that he would suffer from Stendhal syndrome, which causes fainting and hallucinations when he encounters a work of art… The sequel to the cult movie Postcards from America, themovie was presented at the last BFI: Flare in.

Guests: Steve McLean, regista/director


Carte Blanche Giovanni Minerba: "Cinque Pezzi Facili"


Limor Shmila

Israele, 2017, DCP, 79', col.

After 15 years of absence and silence, Efi comes back to Acre, her hometown, to visit the grave of her grandfather, who has recently died. There she meets Karen, a married teacher with two children, and is immediately attracted to her. Passion (which must remain secret) grows between the two women, keeping Efi in Acre. This decision leads her to revisit her difficult and unresolved past, made up of abuse she has never revealed and difficult family relationships. She has to face the hypocrisy and unspoken tragedies that still affect the lives of the town's residents.

Slideshow delle opere di Mar Saez a cura di Jest/With a slideshow of Mar Saez's works presented by Jest


Focus Robin Campillo

Eastern Boys

Robin Campillo

Francia, 2013, DCP, 128', col.

Paris, Gare du Nord. Marek is part of a gang of Slavic immigrants. Daniel, a 50-year-old loner, notices him and invites him to his place to pay him for sex. The next day, however, the whole gang shows up, burgling the house. Nevertheless, Marek turns up again at Daniel's and together the two start to build a deep bond which goes beyond prostitution and oppression, its starting points. A tense but hopeful love story, winner of Venice Horizons Award in 2013.

Guests: Robin Campillo, regista/director