Finlandia, 2017, 2K, 100', col.


Nils-Erik Ekblom


A summer of punishment awaits Miku, a shy and awkward boy of 17: his parents force him to go on holiday with them to the countryside as a punishment for having organized a house-party which ended with vandalism. The atmosphere in the cottage is certainly not happy and carefree: the imminent break-up of his parents' marriage is another contributing factor. But there is also Miku's growing sense of a dissatisfaction and unhappiness that he cannot define and is not brave enough to face. Miku meets Elias, who has a complex family background too and apparently it seems to be the only thing they have in common. Then Elias become the trigger for impulses and feelings that he has hidden for too long. Now it is too late to repress them. At first Elias is interested in Miku but then he seems to distance himself. So Miku must finally take back control of his life.


Tom Norrgrann , Nils-Erik Ekblom


Osku Tuominen , Tommi Hietaniemi, Nils-Erik Ekblom


Nils-Erik Ekblom

production design

Ville Manninen


Tom Norrgrann , Santtu Ruuska, Karl Dumas


Mikko Kauppila, Valtteri Lehtinen, Sanna Majuri, Sami Huhtala, Juho Keskitalo, Amanda Virolainen, Mirja Oksanen


Tom Norrgrann


Ten Thousand Hearts, MSE Studio


Marko S. Eronen


MSE Studio


Screwed Film


Nils-Erik Ekblom


Playwright and film director Nils-Erik Ekblom debuted in 2010 with the feature film The Ruined Eye and one year later made the short Love Between Storeys (2011). Thanks to his autobiographical film Screwed (2017), he received an honorable mention in Children's and Youth Film Prize at the Lübeck Nordic Film Days. He also won the SCIFF Award for the Best Domestic Film at the Scandinavian International Film Festival. Since he is interested in acting as well as in writing for the cinema and in directing, he plays roles in all of his films. One example is the film The Insignificant Truth (2011) by Kenneth Klaile.