It Is Not the Pornographer That Is Perverse…

Germania/USA, 2017, HD, 70', col.


Bruce LaBruce

It Is Not the Pornographer That Is Perverse…

Paraphrasing the title of a famous pioneering documentary by Rosa von Praunheim, Bruce LaBruce has gathered four of his hardcore shorts under a single tagline, in which stories and characters are linked. In every sense. Beginning with Diablo in Madrid, inspired by La Terra vista dalla Luna by Pasolini, the story of a spiteful little devil who comes from the hell in order to seduce heartbroken men met at the cemetery. The providential intervention of an angel will trigger an epic battle between good and bad. In Uber Menschen, a suicide attempt unexpectedly turns into a hot encounter because of a generous Uber driver. In Purple Army Fiction we find a political topic; unaware heterosexuals are being kidnapped and "re-programmed" by a terrorist group which, in its own way, is fighting against overpopulation. Finally Fleapit, a tribute to cinema and the pleasure triggered by the vision of a movie theatre. And not only for the eyes.


Bruce LaBruce


Judy Mièl


Octavio Arias, Tobias Jall


Manuela Schininá, Julian Diaz-Peñalver


La Jovenc, No Bra, Mikael Karlsson


Colby Keller, François Sagat, Calvin Banks, Sean Ford, Levi Karter, Allen King, Arad Winwin, Dato Foland


Paula Alamillo Rodríguez, Jake Jaxson, Sonja Klümper, Bruce LaBruce




Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion


Bruce LaBruce


Bruce LaBruce is one of the leading figures on the contemporary LGBTQI scene. Journalist, photographer, and director since the 90's, he has directed feature films that were presented and awarded prizes at the most important film festivals and that are included in the permanent collection of MoMa (New York): as, for example, L.A. Zombie (2010), Gerontophilia (2013) and Pierrot Lunaire (2014). He has worked with prestigious newspapers, such as “Vice”, “The National Post” and “The Guardian UK”. His work has been screened at several Turin Gay & Lesbian Film Festivals, and he was head of the jury judging feature films in 2005.