My Days of Mercy

Regno Unito/USA, 2017, HD, 103', col.


Tali Shalom Ezer

My Days of Mercy

Can love bloom on death row? Lucy e Martha Seimetz are sisters and are fervent supporters of the abolition of the death penalty, in fact, whenever possible they protest, moving from one prison to another in the Midwest. During a demonstration taking place outside a prison, Lucy and Mercy gaze at each other and there is an immediate mutual attraction. But an apparently insuperable barrier seems to divide them: Mercy is supporting the execution of a condemned prisoner, found guilty of killing a colleague of her father, who was a policeman, while Lucy's father is in jail and is facing the death penalty… The actors are Ellen Page, nominated for an Academy Award and for a Golden Globe for Juno, who here plays the role of Lucy, and Kate Mara, nominated for an Emmy Award for her role in "House of Cards". In this emotional and social drama presented at the last Toronto International Film Festival, she plays the role of Mercy.


Joe Barton


Einat Glaser-Zarhin


Radek Ladczuk


Michael Brook


Kate Mara, Ellen Page, Amy Seimetz, Brian Geraghty, Elias Koteas


David Hinojosa, Kate Mara, Ellen Page, Christine Vachon


Killer Films, Lexis Media


Great Point Media
Amy Briant


Tali Shalom Ezer


Tali Shalom Ezer was born in Israel in 1978 and studied acting at the Beit Zvi School of Performing Arts and stage and film directing at Tel Aviv University. During her university studies she debuted with the documentary A Summer in Abarbanel (2005), followed by the short film Living Room (2006), which participated in Cannes Film Festival, and the medium-length film Surrogate (2009). In 2014 she debuted with the feature film Princess, which, among the other festivals, was presented at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and at the Sundance Film Festival.