Regno Unito, 2017, HD, 70', b/n-col.


Daisy Asquith


A hundred years of history of the British LGBTQI movement are described through rare and exclusive images found in the archives of the British Film Institute. Director Daisy Asquith uses them to talk about the twentieth century and the great changes which occurred in the homosexual world in Britain. Starting with Different from the Others (1919), the first movie which showed a same-sex relationship, she then points out the subtle references to the gay world which can be found in the movies from the 40s. She also recounts the arrests and convictions for gross indecency in the 50s and, finally, the struggles for human rights of the 70s and 60s, the creation of the Pride movement and the arise of the AIDS crisis in the 80s. She does not forget, however, to talk about the more recent creation of the queer and transgender world, the movement for homosexual families and the chemsex emergency. A journey back in time, on and off the big screen, which depicts a community and its identity.


Kenny McCracken, Alan Mackay, Daisy Asquith


John Grant, Goldfrapp, Hercules & Love Affair


Catryn Ramasut


Ie Ie Productions




Daisy Asquith


During her 20-year-long career, British director and producer Daisy Asquith has directed numerous documentaries for the biggest British TV channels, like the BBC and Channel 4. Among the most acclaimed are the series “The Decision” (1999-2000), which won the Royal Television Society’s Best Television Series Award, Fifteen (2001), Clowns (2008), After The Dance (2015), Greatest Motherfucker (2016) and Queerama (2017). She studied documentary direction at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she currently teaches the same subject.