Spagna, 2017, HD, 70', col.


Richard García, Raúl Portero


The love story between Norberto and Bruno is over. This separation is very painful, especially for Bruno because he still loves his ex-partner and can not resign himself to the sad outcome. Norberto takes refuge in Iceland in order to make a clean break from Bruno and to cover his own tracks definitely. When Bruno discovers that he has gone, he decides to leave Spain and track him down. He wants to meet him and bring him back into his arms. Once in Reykjavik he meets Arnau, another Spanish man who lives and works there as a guide. Arnau decides to help Bruno find Norberto, but after 10 days and many unanswered phone calls, it seems that Norberto has disappeared into thin air. Bruno feels emotionally devastated: this situation is intolerable to him and the memory of their love turns into a wound which will not heal. The gloomy and desolate landscapes that surround him seem to reflect his mood.


Richard García, Raúl Portero


Richard García, Sergio Jiménez


Richard García, Raúl Portero


Jorge Alarcón


Victor Algora


Nacho San José, David Krohnert, Richard García, Raúl Portero, Eugenio Sanz


Pau Brunet, Richard García, Ángeles Hernández, David Krohnert, David Matamoros, Raúl Portero, Nacho San José


La Panda, Doce Entertainment, Pony Films


The Open Reel


Richard García


Spanish director Richard García studied film at the Sorbonne University III in Paris. He took part in the TGLFF with his short film Taboulé (2011), a finalist in the Goya Award in 2012 and selected by MoMA and Film Society of Lincoln Center for the New Films/New Directors Festival. Grimsey (2018) is his first feature film.

Raúl Portero


Raúl Portero published his first novel La vida que soñamos in 2008, when he was twenty-six, . Three more books followed, including La canción pop (2017), on which he based a screenplay. Grimsey (2017) is his debut film as director.