A Glória e a Graça

(Gloria and Grace )

Brasile, 2017, HD, 94', col.


Flávio R. Tambellini

Gloria and Grace

Graça works as a massage therapist and she is the single mother of Moreno, 8, and Papoula, 15. One day, after a medical examination, she is diagnosed with a brain aneurysm that may rupture at any moment with dramatic consequences. Graça is completely alone and concerned about who will take care of her children in the terrible event of her death. So she decides to get over the ancient grudge against her brother Carlos, whom she hasn't seen in over 15 years due to a quarrel, and to reconnect with him. However, during this time, Carlos has become Gloria, a beautiful, proud and independent transexual, who now owns a restaurant. At first, Gloria is unwilling to reconnect with her sister, but then she begins to think about the possibility of finally becoming a mother. An entertaining Brazilian dramedy in the style of Almodóvar, which approaches very important topics in a light-hearted way.


Mikael de Albuquerque, Lusa Silvestre


Sergio Mekler, Pedro Tambellini


Gustavo Hadba

production design

Zé Luca


José Moreau Louzeiro


Carolina Ferraz, Sandra Corveloni, Sofia Marques, Vicente Demori, Carol Marra, Cesar Melo


Flávio R. Tambellini, Alexandre Coutinho, Carolina Ferraz


Tambellini Filmes


Globo Filmes, Canal Brasil


Tambellini Filmes



Flávio R. Tambellini


  Flávio R. Tambellini was born in 1952 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a director, screenwriter and producer. After directing the documentary Paraty: Mistérios (1989), he made his first thriller feature Bufo & Spallanzani in 2001. He has directed other successes including the TV series “Sons of Carnaval” (2006), in which he worked as assistant director for one episode, the coming of age drama The Passenger: Adult Secrets (2006), the romantic comedy Malu de Bicicleta (2010) and the dramedy A Glória e a Graça (2017).