Canada/Germania, 2018, HD, 81', col.


Drew Lint


Matthew is a young Canadian who moves to Berlin to start a new life. In the beginning, however, things are not so simple: he feels very lonely in a city that seems very foreign and cold to him. But then he meets Matthias, a good looking, charming boy, who totally represents the person Matthew wants to be. He soon becomes Matthew's object of desire, someone he needs to have in his life. So Matthew goes through some kind of metamorphosis, changing his appearance to look like the mirror image of Matthias, his obsession. After a serious motorcycle accident Matthias is in a coma and for Matthew this is the perfect opportunity to take his place. This is a thriller, which, like the story it tells, is shape-shifting, containing elements of psychological drama and video art. The movie is visually intriguing, with contrasts between sculpted male bodies, cityscapes and grey skies, accompanied by a strong techno soundtrack.


Drew Lint


Drew Lint, Andi Pek


Ann Tipper

production design

Zazu Myers


Antoine Lahaie, Nicolas Maxim Endlicher


Drew Lint, Karen Harnisch

associate producer

Zazu Myers, Ann Tipper


Film Forge Productions


Film Republic


Drew Lint


Canadian director Drew Lint studied cinema at the Ryerson University School of Image Arts, in Toronto. He has directed short films, Parallel Lines (2008), Collected Memories (2008), Harvest (2009), Mirrors (2012) and Rough Trade (2014), with which he participated in important international festivals including BIF Flare, Outfest and LA Film Festival. He directed his first feature film M/M (2018), which he presented at the last Slamdance Film Festival. In his movies, he creates a queer vision, mixing different film genres. Today, he lives and works in Berlin.