Dear Fredy

Israele, 2017, HD, 74', b/n-col.


Rubi Gat

Dear Fredy

The incredible and tragic history of Freddy Hirsch, the unrecognized, proud, and brave hero of the LGBTQI world and Jewish community. He was born in Germany and moved to Czechoslovakia at nineteen when racist laws were enacted. He began teaching physical education, becoming a role model for his young Jewish students. When the Nazis occupied Czechoslovakia Freddy was deported to Auschwitz. To escape despair, there he organized a special day care centre for children and young people, which he ran personally, receiving in return respect and love. Respect and love were the same feelings openly shown by his partner, giving joy and happiness to Freddy in that terrible time and place. The story has a tragic end, even today shrouded in mystery, on which this moving documentary tries to shed light.


Rubi Gat


Erez Laufer


Ronen Nagel


Ido Golberg


Shahar Ben-Hur


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Rubi Gat


Rubi Gat worked as editor-in-chief for the television channel BBC Middle East from 1996 to 2010. He published a novel about the first intifada, Stone, Scissor and Paper. He then edited the documentary Liga Terezin (2012, directed by Avi Kanner), which tells the incredible story of the soccer team in Theresienstadt prison camp during the Second World War. In 2015 he produced and directed the brief documentary Yam’s Journey and in 2017 he directed Dear Freddy. At the moment he is working on the extended version of Yam’s  Journey.