Notre-Dame des Hormones

Francia, 2015, 16mm, 31', col.


Bertrand Mandico

Notre-Dame des Hormones

Two mature actresses, who have a slightly sadomasochistic relationship, find a shapeless and repulsive creature in the forest. It becomes their obsession to such an extent that they call it Our Lady of Hormones. A physical parable, decadent and profane (in the style of Buñuel). Influenced firstly by Possession by Andrzej Zulawski, it recreates the kitsch universe of the Kuchar's brothers, narrated by Michel Piccoli.


Bertrand Mandico


Laure Saint-Marc


Pascale Granel

production design

Astrid Tonnelier


Elina Löwensohn, Nathalie Richard, Michel Lebayon, Agnes Berthon


Emmanuel Chaumet


Ecce Films


Louise Rinaldi
Louise Rinaldi


Bertrand Mandico


Bertrand Mandico was born in Tolosa in 1971 and graduated from the Gobelins animation school. He directed a dozen shorts films and in 2017 he debuted as director in the feature film The Wild Boys. His films (he usually shoots in 35mm and Super 16mm) catapult us into parallel, surrealistic, alienating universes, where exploitation films merge with the avant-garde and where posthumans and intersexuals rule the desolate scene.