The Real Thing

USA, 2017, 35mm, 8', col.


Brandon Kelley

The Real Thing

Michael is a soldier who returns from the front line in order to meet his daughter Allie who is living through a difficult time in her life. Allie has a passion for the color pink and has a classmate with whom she shares hair-slides decorated with flowers and a box of coloured felt-tipped pens. Allie would like to use the girls' bathroom, like all the other girls. Allie can't stand being called Robert.


Greta Zozula

costume design

Elizabeth Kelley


Juan Carlos Rodriguez


Jules Gimbrone


Sophia Grace Giannamore, Michael Torpey, Nia Minnott, Andrew Matthews, Ernie Sprance, Kara Winter


Jon Gestal


Ethan Anderson


Brandon Kelley


Brandon Kelley


Brandon Kelley directed and produced the short films Coach (2012), MyRadar Virtual Reality Experience (2017) and The Real Thing (2017), for which he won the audience award for the best fiction short during the last LA Outfest. He also acted in the TV series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. He founded the audiovisual production company bRandom Media and has worked for several important companies including Jack Daniels, Perrier, TD Bank and VISA.