Smågodis, katter och lite våld

(Swedish Candy, Some Violence and a Bit of Cat)

Svezia, 2018, HD, 45', col.


Ester Martin Bergsmark

Swedish Candy, Some Violence and a Bit of Cat

Ester Martin Bergsmark, already known at TGLFF for Pojkanten and Nånting måste gå sönder, continues to make films aimed at the deconstruction of film genres and gender stereotypes, this time with a cruel yet liberating short. Two women's stories intertwine, caught between compliance with conventions and the desire for transgression. Maintaining the balance, however, is always complicated.


Ester Martin Bergsmark, Dimen Abdulla, Eva Johansson, Louise Löwenberg


Andreas Nilsson


Iga Mikler

production design

Clara Isaksson


Jess Wolfsberg


Tami Tamaki


Eva Johansson, Louise Löwenberg, Nkosazane Alegra Rosa Söderquist Hlongwa, John Alexander Eriksson, Anahit Tovmasyan


Anna-Maria Kantarius


Garagefilm International AB


Garagefilm International AB


Ester Martin Bergsmark


Ester Martin Bergsmark was born in Stockholm in 1982 and now lives in Berlin. With Fruit Cake (2007) he participated in the project Dirty Daries (2009), a collection of thirteen porn shorts with a feminist approach. In 2008 he debuted with the experimental documentary Maggie in Wonderland, followed, in 2012, by She Male Snails, screened at TGLFF 2013. He made a come back to our Festival the next year with Something Must Break (2014), which was awarded in Göteborg, Rotterdam and at Queer Lisboa.