God's Own Country

Regno Unito, 2017, HD, 104', col.


Francis Lee

God's Own Country

25-year-old Johnny is a sheep farmer. Due to his father's disability, he has given up his educational and professional ambitions in order to manage the family farm. What he has obtained in return is a life filled with sacrifice. His only outlet is casual sex and nights of heavy drinking. Until his father hires Georghe, a Romanian immigrant, to help him during lambing. At first Johnny seems resistant toward the newcomer. Nevertheless, surrounded by rugged, breathtaking landscapes, in a hostile natural environment, the two gradually begin to create a bond that goes beyond mere friendship and reciprocal support. An autobiographical, hopeful drama, as harsh as the setting, which has won awards at prestigious festivals like the Berlin International Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival and Frameline. 


Francis Lee


Chris Wyatt


Joshua James Richards

production design

Stéphane Collonge

costume design

Sian Jenkins


Bean Ellis


Anna Bertmark


Josh O'Connor, Alec Secareanu, Ian Hart, Gemma Jones


Manon Ardisson, Jack Tarling


Shudder Films, Inflammable Films, Magic Bear Productions


Protagonist Pictures


Fil Rouge Media


Francis Lee


Screenwriter and director Francis Lee studied at the Rose Bruford International Drama School of Theatre and Performance and, before starting his career as director, he worked as a stage, television and cinema actor. He directed the short films The Farmer’s Wife (2012) and Bradford Halifax London (2013), and the short documentary The Last Smallholder (2014). He directed his first feature God’s Own Country (2017), largely autobiographical, for which he won many prizes including the Männer Jury Award at the Berlin Film Festival, the Directing Award at Sundance Film Festival and the Michael Powell Award at Edinburgh International Film Festival.