Birds of a Feather

Regno Unito, 2017, Video, 5', col.


Dann Parry

Birds of a Feather

How can you describe to your partner the worries and uncertainties that transform us? A moving stop-motion animated short which makes us reflect on the struggle to follow your own identity within a society where homophobia has only apparently disappeared. Presented at the last BFI:Flare.

costume design

Kate Peachman


Mike Wyeld


Mau Loseto


Royal College of Art


Dann Parry


Dann Parry


Director of queer animations, Dann Parry lives and works in London and studied at the Royal College of Art and University for the Creative Arts: Farnham. He directed the shorts Waiting room (2014), The Boy and His Monster (2014), Love and Papercuts (2015), Without Fair Trials (2016), Subject 16 | Matija Cop (Fashion Film) (2016) and Birds of a Feather (2017). In 2016 he was nominated for the Royal Television Society Student Award.