Green Tea

Italia, 2017, Red4K, 10', col.


Chiara Rap

Green Tea

Francesca is lying in bed, awake. The girl she has spent the night with is sleeping next to her. Still confused, she goes into the kitchen where she finds Diana, a woman from her past, who is waiting for her. While they are making breakfast, they feel a mixture of embarrassment and shame: it's in the atmosphere and in their words. Till the moment Francesca asks Diana the real reason for her visit.


Chiara Rap


Alessia Gherardelli


Giuseppe Pignone

production design

Sara Di Ciollo

costume design

Marija Tosic


Giulio Maran


Stefano Di Fiore


Gian Luca Nigro


Azzurra Rocchi, Manuela Parodi, Sefora Edith Bello


Chiara Rap

associate producer

Stefano Fiore, Andrea Bonanni


Chiara Rap


Chiara Rap


Chiara Rap is a Sicilian director, who moved to Rome to take a degree in Art, Music and Cinema at Roma Tre University, specializing in Film Direction. In 2010, she shot the short film Pepe Nero for her master's thesis and then began working as a production assistant and as organizer in the production of short films, documentaries, web series and feature films. She attended to TGLFF 2013 with the short Regina Bianca (2012).