Lions in Waiting

Canada, 2017, HD, 17', col.


Jason Karman

Lions in Waiting

Ray, the new boy in a hockey team in the Canadian minor league, puts up with his team-mates' mistreatment, while he is trying to adapt to life both on and off the hockey rink. The boy will have to find the courage to accept himself, but perhaps also to become an inspirational leader for one of his team-mates.


Jason Karman


Cole Graham

production design

Steve Scott


Joe Berry


Taylor Kare, Bob Frazer, Valerie Sing Turner, Andy Nez, Zac Vran, Derek Kesseler, Riley Bugaresti, Rylan Oleksyn, Marco Darvasi


Selena Paskalidis, Sammie Astaneh


Heather Eschuk


Jason Karman


Jason Karman


Jason Karman was born in Indonesia. He studied photography at Capilano College, where he graduated in 2003. He studied film production and creative writing at the University of British Columbia. He has directed and made about twenty short films, with which he has taken part in Festivals all around the world. His latest short Lions in Waiting (2017) premiered at Vancouver Queer Festival and was screened at the last BFI: Flare.