Canada, 2017, HD, 97', col.


Eisha Marjara


Montreal, Canada. Sid comes from a traditional Indian family that has always wanted him to marry a girl of Indian origin, exactly like them. But Sid has very different plans for his future: he wants to become a woman and is going through transition. He is doing it despite the opposition from his parents, who of course are finding it hard to understand this decision. Unexpectedly, he discovers he has a son, 14-year-old Ralph, who was conceived in a period of uncertainty regarding his own identity. Despite the strange situation and the fact that they hardly know each other, they become very close. Ralph finds it incredible to have a father who is becoming his "mother". On the other hand, for Sid it is great to have a child who is already an adolescent, thus allowing him to skip all the difficulties of Ralph's childhood. But they haven't taken into account Kirsten, Ralph's biological mother: she knows nothing about the newly-formed relationship between father and son. 


Eisha Marjara


Mathieu Bouchard Malo


Mark O Fearghail

costume design

Noémi Polulin


Tammy-Lou Pate


Tod Van Dyk, Sylvain Bellemare, Mimi Allard, Sylvain Brassard


Gaëtan Gravel, Patric Dubuc


Debargo Sanyal, Jamie Mayers, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Zena Daruwalla, Gordon Warnecke, Amber Goldfarb, Peter Miller, Judy Virago, CT Thorne


Joe Balass


Les Productions Compass


Wide Management


Eisha Marjara


Film director, photographerand writer Eisha Marjara was born in 1966. She lives and works in Montreal. During her career she has directed several documentaries such as 24 Hours (1990), The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1994) and Desperately Seeking Helen (1999), which was awarded a Pardino d’argento at Locarno Film Festival. She later began to shoot fiction films, with the short film The Tourist in 2006, followed by House for Sale (2012). Venus (2017) is her first feature film. She is currently working on a movie project called Calorie. As a novelist she published her first book Faerie in 2016.