Quella lama nel bosco

(The Blade in the Wood)

Italia, 2017, 4K, 8', col.


Antonio Padovani

The Blade in the Wood

During a hike in the mountains, Gaia and Alessandra find an ancient knife. An inscription on the blade refers to forbidden love between two women in the eighteenth-century . As "medieval" as it may seem, the two girls realize that the love they feel for each other is no less thwarted than that of their ancestors. A cruel and ancient curse that has not ceased to claim its victims.


Antonio Padovani


Antonio Padovani


Costanza Nocentini


Andrea Ottina


Daniele Barbarossa


Lisa Granuzza Di Vita, Marica Graziuso, Francesca Nocentini, Leonardo Rossi, Francesco Consorti


Antonio Padovani


Antonio Padovani


Antonio Padovani graduated from the DAMS faculty at the University of Roma Tre in 2010 and then attended intensive courses of film screenwriting and film production held by Francesco Piccolo. A freelance journalist, he has often covered the Cannes Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival and the Rome International Film Festival. In 2014 he attended a basic course in film direction at the Experimental Cinematography Centre and began working at Daring House, a film studio in Berlin. In 2017 he took part to the Lovers Film Festival with Deliziosa prospettiva.