Si Astri maka si Tambulah

(Astri and Tambulah)

Filippine, 2017, HD, 19', col.


Xeph Suarez

Astri and Tambulah

Astri is a 16-year-old transexual and her partner is Tambulah, who is one year older than her. Even though it is an unusual situation in the community they live in, nobody opposes their relationship. They earn their living thanks to the money thrown to them by spectators when they perform their traditional dance on the beach. Everything seems to be perfect, except for the traditions of the Sama Bajaw people and an arrangement made many years earlier, which means that Astri must marry a woman she scarcely knows.


Cenon Obispo Palomares


Xeph Suarez, Kim Tayona, Aedrian Araojo


Arnel Barbarona

production design

Aedrian Araojo


Glenn Provido


Arnel Barbarona


Astri Tahari, Usman Agga, Taha Daranda, Tambula Apsari, Lucky Mahari, Diane Alberto, Alxandria Abdullah


Xeph Suarez, Cenon Obispo Palomares


Xeph Suarez


Xeph Suarez


Xeph Suarez was born in 1993, in Zamboanga City, Philippines. He studied communication at the local university and then worked as producer and assistant director in cinema and television. He has directed many short films including In Sickness and Health (2013) and Astri and Tambulah (2017). He now lives and works in Quezon City and he is one of the founders of the Hombrella Pictures production company.