Essere Divina

(Divine Being)

Italia, 2018, HD, 74', col.


Luca Pellegrini

Divine Being

The only school in Italy where you walk in with ordinary shoes and you walk out with high heels is in Milan. There are four teachers responsible for this transformation and twenty students, men and women, each of them with their own story but with the same wish... to be transformed into a fabulous drag queen! A workshop which is also a safe place where men can try the still taboo experience of cross dressing, while women have the opportunity to emphasize their femininity in a way that they could never do in the outside world, without being judged or socially excluded. Divine Being is the story of this unusual school, where people are taught to use makeup, dress up in drag, walk a catwalk, laugh at their own mistakes, and, above all, to finally be their true selves. Sax, who is one of the teachers and whose stage-name is Dee Dee La Crush, says, "Being a drag queen for me means the freedom to live in your own way, the freedom to be everything you want to be."


Maria Teresa Venditti, Luca Pellegrini


Maria Grazia Pandolfo


Marina Kissopoulos


Alessandro Rosini, Marta Billingsley, Marco Falloni


Fabrizio Bondi


Own Air


Luca Pellegrini


Luca Pellegrini


Luca Pellegrini studied screenwriting at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. He was Liliana Cavani’s assistant director on the set of Dove siete? Io sono qui (1992), and is a writer for well-known soap operas such as “Un posto al sole” (1999), “Vivere” (2000) and “Centovetrine” (from 2001 to 2015). He wrote the shorts Prima della fucilazione (1997, by Salvatore Mereu) and Salomé (2007, by Filippo Soldi). His novel Il cuore sempre (2016) was published by L’Erudita and since 2017 he has taught screenwriting at the Roma Film Academy (RFA). With Essere Divina (2018) he debuts as director.