USA, 2018, HD, 82', col.


Leilah Weinraub


Los Angeles. Outside a nightclub, people are gathering to enter the club. From inside the beat of the bass tells us that the party is beginning. Once we are inside, Ronnie Ron, a black butch lesbian, MC and organizer of the event, welcomes us. What a night it is: welcome to the Shakedown, the legendary lesbian party, where strippers go wild under a shower of dollars. The perfect progression from the events that in the eighties united and galvanized African-American lesbians from Los Angeles, thanks to transgender Mahogany. This was the proof that not only could they be openly lesbian, but they could also have a lot of fun, without worrying about homophobia and racism. In addition, it strengthened their sense of identity and of belonging to a community. A liberating and hedonistic story, at the same time political, which director Leilah Weinraub has narrated starting from images that she has been filming since 2002.


Leilah Weinraub


Matthew Hollis


Leilah Weinraub


Tim Dewit


Riel Roch-Decter, Pilar Wiley, Drake Burnette, Michael Hekmat




Stray Dogs


Leilah Weinraub


Leilah Weinraub was born in Los Angeles in 1979. She currently lives and works in New York. An artist and director, she deals with issues such as gender, as well as racial and economic differences within American society, focusing particularly on the queer and African-American communities. She is also the head of the fashion label Hood By Air. Shakedown (2018), in competition for the Teddy Award at the last Berlin Film Festival, is an extended version of a short presented in 2017 at the Whitney Biennal.