Sununú: The Revolution of Love

Regno Unito/Ecuador, 2017, HD, 25', col.


Olivia Crellin

Sununú: The Revolution of Love

Ecuador. A few years ago, transexual father Fernando Machado attracted attention from the world media when, with his girlfriend Diane Rodriguez, he announced that he was pregnant. An intimate and moving portrait of a remarkable couple who are dealing with parenthood, and with the challenge to gender roles this implies for them, while continuing with their tireless work as activists for LGBTQI rights.


Jimena Martín


Olivia Crellin


Tom O’Sullivan


Laurie James Ross


Diane Rodriguez, Fernando Machado


Olivia Crellin


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Olivia Crellin


Olivia Crellin studied English literature at the University of Cambridge and also documentary and journalism at Columbia University. She currently works with BBC World and BBC World Service, dealing with different topics, such as women's condition in the world, social justice, human rights, the effect of mental disorders on people's lives. She has also worked with Al Jazeera, “The Wall Street Journal”, VICE News and Reuters.