The Things You Think I'm Thinking

Canada, 2017, HD, 15', col.


Sherren Lee

The Things You Think I'm Thinking

Sean has just turned 30: he is an African-American gay, disfigured in a fire. It is the first time since the accident that he has had a date: a date with Caleb, a ginger who is living a perfect life. After drinks at a bar, Sean takes Caleb back to his apartment to create more intimacy. This brings to the surface the doubts, insecurities and demons that have remained alive for ten years, under his scars of his burns.


Jesse LaVercombe


Simone Smith


Ian Macmillan

production design

Jessica Jerome


Casey Manierka-Quaille


Prince Amponsah, Jesse LaVercombe


Charlie Hidalgo, Sherren Lee


Meraki Moving Pictures


Sherren Lee


Sherren Lee


Sherren Lee was born in Taiwan and grew up in Montreal. Today, she lives in Toronto, where she works as a director and producer. She has directed the TV series “Murdoch Mysteries”, “Odd Squad”, “Dino Dana”, the web series “Someone Not There”, and the short films Benjamin (2015) and The Things You Think I'm Thinking (2017). She is currently working on her first feature film With Might and Grace, and the TV serial “Little Things”.