Emerging Doubts

(Dubbi che vengono)

Italia, 2018, HD, 17', col.


Ilaria Galanti

Emerging Doubts

Manuel must have been really drunk last night! He wakes up feeling hungover, with a perfect stranger sleeping next to him. Naked. Manuel is naked too, and try as he may, he cannot remember who that man is and what happened. The fact that his girlfriend is about to return from a trip abroad and his house is crowded with friends for an impromptu party is no help to him in trying to remember. Perhaps the path to understanding will be longer and more complicated than it seems.


Ilaria Galanti


Simone Spampinato, Serena Valletta, Marco Mazzone


Libera Balzamo


Sonia Quilli


Federico Lena


Salvatore Langella, Alessandro Fella, Francesca Ceci, Luca Cesa


RUFA - Rome University of Fine Arts


Ilaria Galanti


Ilaria Galanti


Ilaria Galanti was born in Rome in 1996, where she studied Cinematic arts at the R.U.F.A. - Rome University of Fine Arts. During the three-years of her course, she made the short film Emerging Doubts (2018) and she worked as assistant director on the set of the pilot episode of the TV series “Zago”, produced by Giacomo Ciarrapico and Luca Vendruscolo. She also worked as second assistant director on the set of the new BrianDe Palma film, Domino. She is currently attending the basic directing course at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome.