Israele, 2017, HD, 79', col.


Limor Shmila


After fifteen years of absence and silence, Efi comes back to Acre, her hometown, to visit the grave of her grandfather, who has recently died. There she meets Karen, a married teacher with two children, and is immediately attracted to her. A passion grows between the two women, which must obviously remain a secret, keeping Efi in Acre. This decision leads her to revisit her difficult and unresolved past, made up of abuse she has never revealed and difficult family relationships. She has to face the hypocrisy and unspoken tragedies hidden behind the apparent calm of her family, and the people around them, with betrayals and ambiguous relationships. In the leading role, Noa Baron gives an intense but measured performance, showing the difficult path travelled by a troubled woman who refuses to give up on love and happiness, whatever the cost.


Limor Shmila


Dafi Farbman, Asher Goldschmidt


Eitan Hatuka


Noa Biron, Avi Malka, Netta Shpigelman, Keren Tzur, Hava Ortman


Chilik Michaeli Avraham Pirchi, Tami Leon, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery


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Limor Shmila


Limor Shmila


Limor Shmila was born in 1983 in Acre, Israel. She grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family and she was educated in all-girl religious schools. When she was twenty she left this traditional education system and enrolled at Tel Hai Academic College, a film school where she graduated top of her class in script-writing and in film directing. She has been head of casting for several Israeli productions and, at the same time, she has directed short films like Time to Go (2017). She debuted in directing feature films with Montana (2017).