Wren Boys

Regno Unito, 2017, HD, 11', col.


Harry Lighton

Wren Boys

On Boxing day, Father Conor, a Catholic priest, accompanies his nephew Seamus to Cork prison. During his sermon he has just tried to discourage a tradition, according to which on that day boys kill and bury a wren, as a farewell to the past year. What he himself is planning to do at the prison will go against all traditions. But not everybody is ready to accept it.


Harry Lighton, John Fitzpatrick


Nick Morris

production design

Alexandra Toomey, Julie Buckland


Lalor Roddy, Diarmuid Noyes, Fionn Walton, Billy Clark, Carrie Baxter, Jack Monaghan, Jacob Cullen


Sorcha Bacon


Try Hard Productions


Try Hard Productions



Harry Lighton


English director Harry Lighton lives and works in London. He directed the short films Knitlab: XY (2016), Sunday Morning Coming Down (2016) and Wren Boys (2017), which he presented at the Sundance Film Festival, London Film Festival, SXSW Film Festival and which earned him a nomination at the BAFTA Awards 2018. He is currently finishing the supernatural horror film Leash, funded by the film competition Enter the Pitch, and the short documentary Look at Me.