Mrs McCutcheon

Australia, 2017, HD, 17', col.


John Sheedy

Mrs McCutcheon

Having always felt like a prisoner inside the wrong body, Tom, 10 years old, chooses the name Mrs McCutcheon for himself, instead of the one he was given when he was born. He prefers the pleats of a dress rather than the cut of a pair of pants. After changing 3 different schools, Mrs Mccutcheon has serious issues with fitting in and with being accepted by her schoolmates. With the exception of Trevor, who knows what prejudice means.


Ben Young


Alec Golinger, Wesley Patten, Nadine Garner, Virginia Gay


Andrés Lima, Jenny Vila


Buffalo Media


Shoreline Entertainment


John Sheedy


John Sheedy (Australia) studied dramatic arts at the National Drama School of Melbourne and then stage directing at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts, where he graduated in 2002. After his studies, he worked in children's theatre where he dealt with topics relating to childhood and adolescence. This interest can be also found in his first short Mrs McCutcheon in 2017.