Italia/USA, 2017, HD, 8', col.


Giovanni Coda


20th April 2017. During a terrorist attack on the Champs Elysées in Paris, gendarme Xavier Jugelé is killed and two other officers are badly injured. He leaves behind his partner, his broken dreams, unanswered questions and an unsatisfied desire for peace. However, there is no room for hate: communication and tolerance are the only viable solution.


Cosimo Morleo


Thomas Grascoeur, Marco Casoli


Arnaldo Pontis, Andrea Andrillo


A.c. Labor , Atlantis Moon Production


Marco Oppo, Andrea Mascia, Cindy L. Abel


Giovanni Coda


Giovanni Coda


Giovanni Coda lives between Cagliari and Barcelona.  He is an Italian film director, author and photographer. His activity is characterized by a rich artistic production including photo collections, painting, electronic art and performances which have received many awards in Italy and abroad. In 2013 he produced the multiple award winning film Il rosa nudo (preview at TGLFF ed. 2013). The film is inspired by Pierre Seel's life, a 17 year old man who was deported in a concentration camp after being registered as homosexual. In 2016 he directed Bullied to Death and confirmed the International success of the film Il rosa nudo. He won several Prizes including the Best Avant Garde & Innovation Award at Melbourne Documentary Film Festival and he took part again in TGLFF. Currently Giovanni Coda is producing his new film, Mark's Diary, which will come out in September 2018 and he is following the programming stage of the film La sposa nel vento, a film dealing with the issue of femicide and which is the last chapter of a trilogy about gender-based violence.