Torino LGBTQI Visions



In Turin the oldest festival in Europe and third oldest in the whole world about LGBTQI culture

 (Cinema Massimo – MNC, 24 – 28 of April 2019)



From the 24th to the 28thof April 2019 will take place in Torinoat the Cinema Massimo – MNCthe oldest festival in Europe and third oldest in the whole world about LGBTQI (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, queer and itersexuals) directed by Irene Dionisio and with Giovanni Minerba's artistic advisory, founder of the festival with Ottavio Mai.  

Lovers Film Festival – Torino LGBTQI Visionsthis year will also be in the spirit of the cinephile, militant and pop dimension, and it will be focused on the visibility of the LGBTQI community with cinematographic contests, tributes and various special events.


The testimonial

The testimonial this year will be the actress Alba Rohrwacher known to the public in the last few years for her roles in important films of the Italian scene.

She won the Coppa Volpi for the best female performance at the Venice Film Festival, 2 David of Donatello, 1 Nastro d'argento and 2 Golden Globes.  


Special guests

Special guests of the festival will be two iconic individuals in the international film industry: Helmut Berger the most loved actor by Luchino Viscontiand Giancarlo Giannini one of the most complex performer in the Italian film industry that in his long career, full of successful work, dedicated his time also to dubbing, directing and writing.



A long-awaited guest will be Ira Sachs, world famous director from New York, creative advisor for the Sundance Director's Lab and professor at the Columbia University School of Film. His movies were screened in Berlin, Toronto, New York, Rotterdam and London and at the major LGBTQI festivals in the world. 

He won in 2005 the jury Grand Prix at the Sundance Film Festival with the film Forty Shades of Blue.


Asia Argento

Asia Argento. Antologia Analogica is the title of an exhibitionfocused on Asia Argento's photography. The exhibition is cured by Stefano Iachetti and organised by Museo del Cinema as an additional event to the 34° Lovers Film Festival.

Asia Argento is known by the public for her acting and directing, she less famous for her photography, even-thought she published her photos in important national and international magazines. With this exhibition she gives the public a part of her world, through self-portraits, faces, suggestions, colours and graphic elaborations.


The founder

Giovanni Minerba, founder of the festival with Ottavio Mai, and this year's Scientific Advisor, will work with Monica Guerritore on the closing night event about LGBT films, and, for the second year in a row, he will also work on his absolutely innovative carte blanche


Musical Guests

It is a tradition for Lovers, not only to focus on the international film industry but also to focus on music: in fact this year's musical guests at major festival in Italy about LGBTQI culture will be: Samuel, member of the famous group Subsonica, Drusilla Foer, web viral phenomenon and international style icon and Myss Ketacontroversial, mysterious and provocative star in the young electronic music industry,also known because she never shows her face.


StonewallFifty Year Anniversary 

In 2019 about LGBTQI visibility, seen as resistance and vulnerability, there will be a special event, born after a collaboration – who took place at the 32° Edition – with the LGBTQI associations around the territory.

After a discussion with all these realities and in collaboration with the Coordination Torino Pride, 4 key words will be chosen and every single one of them will be associated with a dedicated film. Testimonial of this session the famous activist Franco Grillini winner of the 2019 Milk award.  


Goes Industry

It returns again this year Lovers Goes Industry, at his second edition,thanks to the collaboration with the Cultural Association Drugantis and with the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo: the first meeting and discussion space dedicated to the LGBTQI cinematographic industry inside a Festival.


The dedication

This year's Festival is dedicated to MarTi (Marta Gianello Guida), Lino Manfredi, Max Croci and toKarl Du Pignè.


The Awards


All the Lovers

International Feature Films contest, every fiction film and every kind of genre, can join and they will win the 'Ottavio Mai' award. An homage in the memory of who gave life to the festival, with his activism and his passion.




Real Lovers

International documentaries contest, every kind of documentary and all kind of genres, can join.


Irregular Lovers

International iconoclastic contest, every film, all kinds of genres and film dimensions, can join with a specific attention on narrative and visual language innovation.

Future Lovers

International short films contest, Italian and international films and all kind of genres and film dimensions, can join.  The winner will receive the 'Fotogrammi Sovversivi' award in honor of the historic document 'From Sodoma to Holliwood


Now Award– La Stampa

Given by the newspaper La Stampa – born with the intent of emphasise the films screened at the International Festival Lovers that talk about LGBTQI issues with an original, authentic and modern eye. An award that is intended to make more accessible to everyone the rainbow world and all his usual and unusual shades.



Lifetime Achievement Award given to personalities in and out the film industry and people that are active in defending LGBTQI rights.


Stajano Award

The Festival, from an idea by the writer Willy Naira, dedicates an award in the memory of Giò Stajano, one of the significative figures in the LGBTQI Italian community, left in the backround for many years. The winner will be chosen by the selection committee and by Willy Vaira.


Lastly the public award, presented in partnership with My Movies, that will be given to one film from the sessions All the Lovers, Real Lovers and Irregular Lovers.


The Lovers Film Festival Torino LGBTQI Visions from 2005 is integrated in the Museo Nazionale del Cinema in Torino and takes place with the contribution of MiBAC– General Direction Cinema, Regione Piemonte and Comune di Torino

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