Today the oldest festival in Europe and third oldest in the world about LGBTQI culture is starting

Today, 24th of April 2019, in Torino at the Cinema Massimo – MNC starts the oldest festival in Europe and third oldest in the whole world about LGBTQI culture(lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, queer and itersexuals) directed by Irene Dionisio and with Giovanni Minerba's artistic advisory, founder of the festival with Ottavio Mai.  


Great expectations for the inauguration at 8.30pm at the sala Cabiria in the Cinema Massimo (from 7,30pm to 8,30 pm free drink offered by Compagnia dei Caraibi) to the strains of Judy Garland and in memory of Stonewall with special cinematographic and musical guests for a night over the rainbow.

The sponsor of the festival is the actress Alba Rohrwacher know to the public for acting in some of the biggest films of the last few years in the Italian cinematographic scene and special guest Giancarlo Giannini that will dialogue with the journalist and presenter Pino Strabioli.

Musical guest: Samuel – part of the famous group Subsonica one of the rock bands that marked the 90s – that will do a mini acoustic set. Closing with the Theatrical/singing performance by Drusilla.

Following with the screening of Plaire, aimer et curir vivre by Christophe Honore. Jacques, writer and single dad, during a work trip at Rennes, he meets Arthur, aspiring film-maker that is just over 20 years old. A relationship blossoms between the two, the age difference in the couple makes you reflect on love and loss, youth and oldness, the passion and courage of one of them are in contrast with the fear of the other one. Everything takes place in the 90s, where AIDS strongly affects future prospects.


Meanwhile, in sala Rondolino at 10.30pm, starts "La verità sugli amori" the carte blanche by Giovanni Minerba with Tell It to the Bees by Annabel Jankel (UK, 2018, DCP, 106', COL).

After the failure of her marriage, with the responsibility of taking care of a son, Lydia (Holliday Graiger) search for consolation in the relationship that blossoms between her and Jean (Anna Paquin), the new doctor of the small town where she lives. The rural Scotland in the 50s, a place not prepared for welcoming the idea of a relationship between two women. The fragile and heart-breaking portrait of a love that needs to remain secret.

In sala Soldati, at 10.30pm, starts Future Lovers – Concorso Internazionale Cortometraggi with the screening of eight short films:

You Look Good In Blue by Harrison Sheehan(USA, 2018, QUICKTIME PRORES, 15', COL).

Le Pornographe (The Pornographer) by Gabrielle Demers (Canada, 2018, QUICKTIME PRORES, 10', COL).

U For Usha by Rohan Parashuram Kanawade(India, 2019, DCP, 22', COL).

Control by Natasza Parzymies(Poland, 2018, QUICKTIME PRORES, 2', COL).

Infinito Enquanto Dure (Infinite While It Lasts) by Akira Kamiki (Brasil, 2019, QUICKTIME PRORES, 18' COL).

Days Off by Filip Blažek(Czech Republic, 2018, DCP, 12', COL).

Dani Boy by Logan Mucha(Australia, 2018, QUICKTIME PRORES, 8', COL).

The Shit! An Opera by Kevin Rios(USA, 2018, QUICKTIME PRORES, 7', COL).


The Lovers Film Festival Torino LGBTQI Visions from 2005 is integrated in the Museo Nazionale del Cinema in Torino and takes place with the contribution of MiBAC– General Direction Cinema, Regione Piemonteand Comune di Torino