The programme of Sunday the 28th of April. Serra Ylmaz, Neri Marcoré, Monica Guerritore and Arturo Bracchetti closing the Lovers.



The 28th of April: the last night of the Lovers Film Festival Torino LGBTQI Visions the oldest LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer e intersexual)festival in Europe and the third in the world, directed by the cineaste Irene Dionisio with the artistic advisory of Giovanni Minerba, founder with Ottavio Mai of the festival.

The first appointment is at 10.30am in sala Cabiria with the traditional Al cinema con il bebé which will be screening Mary Poppins Returns by Rob Marshall (USA, 2018, 130'). In collaboration withGiovani Genitori, Famiglie Arcobaleno, Rete Genitori Rainbow.

To follow at 11.30am in sala Soldati with Attorialità Trans: un'utopia? a debate about trans authorship in the international and Italian cinematography with Christian Ballarin, Irene Dionisio, Alessandro Lombardo, Elsi Perino and Vittoria Schisano. The event is in collaboration with Festival dell'Amore.

At 3.30pm in sala Rondolino, another special event: Stonewall Celebration, in collaboration with Distretto Cinema and CGIL – Nuovi diritti, with the screening of The Wizard of Oz by Victor Fleming (USA, 1939, 102').

At 4.30pm in sala Soldati the last appointment in homage to Ira Sachs, with the film Little Men (USA, 2016, 85') that talks about the strong friendship between two thirteen years old boys.

Two are the appointments of the Focus Pride: at 4.30pm, in sala Cabiria, the screening of Mark's Diary by Giovanni Coda (Italy/Uk, 2019, 75'). Sense and sensibility fighting with their own bodies and also with the schematism's of the society. To talk about it Antonio Soggia of the Coordinamento Torino Pride. At 6.15pm, in sala Soldati, Franco e Gianni – una storia di Torino by Angelo D'Agostino and Marta Lombardelli (Italy, 2019, 35') and Allah Loves Equality – Essere LGBT in Pakistan by Wajahat Abbas Kazmi (Italy, 2019, 56'). A film dedicated to the situation of Pakistan's rights narrated through the direct testimonies and everyday life scenes. Also Silvano Bertalot from Coordinamento Torino Pride will intervene in the discussion. Both the events will be coordinated by Simone Alliva.

At 6.15pm, in sala Cabiria the last appointment for the carte blanche by Giovanni Minerba La verità sugli amori: Luciérnagas (Fireflies) by Bani Khoshnoudi (Mexico/ Greece/ Dominican Republic, 2018, 88'). A young boy that escapes from Iran because he is persecuted for his sexual orientation, he finds himself again in a nostalgic Mexican harbour.


At 8.30pm in sala Cabiria will start the closing night of the festival. The Closing Night, consists in the award ceremony of the competitions (where the award-winning films will be screened in sala Rondolino and sala Soldati at 10.15 am), an interview with Serra Ylmaz, movie icon actress of Ferzan Özpetek's cinemas and Neri Marcoré, festival's jury member.

To follow In cerca di me, the monologue written by Elsi Perino with the help of Giovanni Minerba, it will be read by Monica Guerritore, famous actress, director and playwright, and Arturo Brachetti the biggest actor-transformer in the entire world.

To conclude the closing night, at 10.00pm, the screening of Les crevettes pailletées (The Shiny Shrimps) (France, 2019, 103') by Maxime Govare and Cédric Le Gallo. At the end of his career the world vice champion of water-polo finds himself training a gay water polo team: therefore, he will have the opportunity to discover a whole new world that will disrupt his points of reference and will make him research new priorities of his life.


The Lovers Film Festival Torino LGBTQI Visions from 2005 is integrated in the Museo Nazionale del Cinema in Torino and takes place with the contribution of MiBAC– General Direction Cinema, Regione Piemonteand Comune di Torino.