Turin: street dedication to "Ottavio Mai"

«After many months of waiting, today the Committee for Street-naming for Turin has approved my request to dedicate to "Ottavio Mario Mai"  the 150 metres of a street between Corso C.L. Farini and Lungo Dora Siena, near the 'Luigi Einaudi'University Campus. The words I requested to use on the street sign were accepted and they have great political and cultural significance for our city: for the first time, the word "homosexual" will be publicly part of the name of a street, under Ottavio's name, explaining his historic role. A taboo has been broken; from now on things will change! In a few months, coinciding with the 30th TGLFF, there will be a street sign in Turin with the words "Via Ottavio Mario Mai, director and homosexual activist". This is a big step forward in the struggle for civil rights and for a democratic Turin! It is with great love and emotion that I thank Giovanni Minerba, who pushed for this acknowledgment of a great man, artist and gay activist».

Luca Cassiani, Town Counselor and President of the Committee for Culture of Turin, to whom the TGLFF expresses its gratitude.