Irene Dionisio is the new director of TGLFF

Irene Dionisio, young and talented director, is the new director of Turin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and Giovanni Minerba has been appointed President, in the past days.


The Festival wishes to confirm its role in the Italian and international cinema panorama and it will be hold from 15th to 20th June 2017 in Turin, its home-town, the National Cinema Museum at Multiplex Cinema Massimo.


The election of the president comes after a long path of transformation, continuity and enhancement undertaken by National Cinema Museum with the essential support of Piedmont Region and Municipality of Turin.

"This election is the result of an enormous team work. As Piedmont Region, we have been making great efforts to secure a future for this event. I am particurlarly happy that Irene Dionisio will direct Tglff since, together with the new president Giovanni Minerba, she will able to take her original approach to reality into the festival", this is what Antonella Parigi, Piedmont Counsellor for Culture says with a with some satisfaction.


Francesca Leon and Marco Alessandro Giusta, Consellors for Culture and for Equal Opportunities at the Municipality of Turin believed in this process of renewal and say: "We think that, among others, TGLFF is one of the major factor that make Turin to be an avant-garde city as far as culture and human rights protection are concerned. For this reason we are happy about the job we carried out with the National Cinema Museum and the Piedmont Region in order to strengthen this excellence. We are also glad that Irene Dionisio had accepted to be the new director of the festival and that Giovanni Minerba, a key figure in 32 editions of the festival, is the new president. Together they are a winning team that will lead the festival to new major and deserved goals"  


Paolo Damilano, President of the National Cinema Museum underlines: "The National Cinema Museum is happy that Irene Dionisio will direct the TGLFF festival. She is a newcomer in the Turin cinema panorama city where she made her film "Le ultime cose", presented during the last Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, thanks to the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte, but she is already a well-known and appreciated personality on the international level.  We wish she will strengthen the cultural and disciplinary experience the festival has reached in 30 years, in accordance with the initiatives and the events proposed by the National Cinema Museum."


Irene Dionisio is a director and visual artist. She was born in Turin in 1986 and graduated in Philosophy of History. She trained herself at the public art curatorial collective a.titolo, which now publishes and produces her documentaries, with the documentarist Daniele Segre and the director Alina Marazzi.

She worked with many Italian and international production companies as director and author. Starting from 2010 she is committed in several social and cultural projects concerning political topics such as intergration and gender issues.

Her artistic production includes video installations and documentaries such as "Sponde. Nel sicuro sole del nord"(2015) and "La fabbrica è piena. Tragicommedia in otto atti"(2011) which have been presented I meny international festivals and received several awards including Premio Cariddi, Premio Solinas, Premio Scam and the Jury Prize at Cine Verité in Iran. Her videos have been shown at the Pac in Milano, at Museo Berardo in Lisbona and at the MamBo in Bologna.

Le ultime cose (Tempesta) is her first fiction feature film, distributed by Istituto Luce Cinecittà in autumn 2016 which premiered during the Crictics' Week in Venice.

"We will work for a Festival able to combine the extraordinary past experience with new cinema trends of international festivals with the traditional special focus on LGBTQI issues. We will take into account the past thirty-year tradition carefully nurtured by Giovanni Minerba and that for us represents a high-value cultural and political background. The festival is in phase of complete renewal. Through a network with other projects  already working and active projects of our city and with other Italian and international festivals it intends to propose and stimulate a public debate also through workshops about of new developments and new themes  in cinema field which should be more and more open to the whole community." These are the comments by Irene Dionisio, the new director of the festival.


Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival is administrated since 2005 by Museo Nazionale del Cinema of Turin with the contribution of MiBACT – Direzione generale Cinema (DG Cinema), Regione Piemonte (Piedmont Region) and of Comune di Torino (Municipality of Turin).