To Celebrate the 70th birthday of Ottavio Mario Mai

Ottavio Mai would have been 70 years old on 9th December 2016 Ottavio Mario Mai.

In memory of the director, actor, scriptwriter, writer and poet, Turin Arcigay Commitee, which is dedicated to him, proposes  at CasaArcobaleno (via Bernardino Lanino 3/a) a special evening to remember and tell the story of his life. The event will be held on Friday 9th December at 9 p.m.

Ottavio's life

Ottavio Mai wss the seventh of eight children. His youth hadn't been simple and he spent some time in a community home for in obedience to his father's will.

After several juvenile works, he met Giovanni Minerba, an activist of FUORI! and the future partner of his entire life. He decided to attend firstly Philosophy and the History of the Cinema lessons at university. Something sparked off when Ottavio and Giovanni saw the further sterotype of a gay character in the film Le occasioni di Rosa by Salvatore Piscitelli. That's why they decided to make their film on their own and to abandon the caricatural stereotype of the homosexual, typical Italian cinema in that time.

Since then, after the first auto-produced project Dalla vita di Piero, they produced innumerable video-projects. He enteredRAI3 Piemonte inl 1985 and he worked there until he died in 1992.  The city of Turin acknowledged the great contribution Ottavio gave to culture in the city and in 2015 has dedicated a street to Ottavio Mai, next to Luigi Einaudi Campus. This is the first street in Italy dedicated to a homosexual rights activist.

The event


For this occasion, the format Bed Time Stories, a traditional event in which the protagonists of the Italian LGBTI movement witness their experience, will completely change its narration  Francesca Puopolo, President of Arcigay Torino, will interview Minerba who created with Ottavio Mail the first International Film Festival "Da Sodoma a Hollywood" on Homosexual issues, in 1986 with the support of the city consellor for Culture of the age Marziano Marzano.

Darianna Tedesco and Elsi Perino will intervene during the interview with some readings. Darianna Tedesco is a radio speaker and an Arcigay Torino activist while Elsi Perino graduated in Narration Tecniques at Holden di Torino and she is the co-author of "Negli occhi il cinema, nelle mani l'amore" written with Giovanni Minerba and the illustrator Mattia Surroz. It is a graphic novel about Ottavio a Giovanni, published by Espress Editore in collaboration with the National Cinema Museum of Turin.

During the event many video-documents will be screened in order to retrace together the great and polyhedral production of an artist who gave a huge contribution to LGBTI movement in Turin and in Italy.

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