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7 Minutes

7 Minutes
by Ricky Mastro
Country: France
Year: 2020
Duration: 76'

Jean, a 55-year-old cop finds her son, Maxime, and his boyfriend hanged in a hotel room. The autopsy reveals that he died of a GHB overdose, just seven minutes after his boyfriend. Trying to find out more about what happened, Jean discovers Club Bisou, his son's favorite place, where he meets Fabien whom he grows fond of. The desire to discover his son's world will take him to dangerous and unsettling terrain.


film director

Ricky Mastro

After studying theater and film in the United States, Brazil and France, Ricky Mastro obtained a Masters in LGBTQ Identities. Very active in organizing Brazilian LGBTQ festivals, he is a programmer at the Festival of Sexual and Gender Diversity in Goiânia and creator of the Recifest in Recife. He is the author of seven short films and one feature film, presented in over 200 international festivals. He is currently working on the development of two new feature films: The Invisibles and Lorenzo.


& Credits

Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Ricky Mastro
Montaggio/Editing Plamen Marinov, Ricky Mastro, Léon Diana
Fotografia/Photography Luca Russo
Suono/Sound Camille Taillefer
Interpreti/Cast Antoine Herbez, Clément Naline, Valentin Malguy, Paul Arvenne,
Cedrick Spinassou, Robin Larroque, Valérie Prudent
Produttori/Producers Léon Diana, Ricky Mastro
Produttore Associato/Associate Producer Cosimo Santoro
Produzione/Production Poney Films, The Open Reel