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Always Amber

Always Amber
by Lia Hietala, Hannah Reinikainen
Country: Sweden
Year: 2020
Duration: 76'

Amber is 17 years old and she has the gaze of a pop icon, she identifies with the neutral pronoun and lives her identity as if the concept of norm did not exist. Amber and Sebastian are inseparable friends, confidants, family and together with other friends they experience fluidity. For three years Amber grows up, falls in love with Charlie, undertakes a path of transition and embraces, not without contradictions nor efforts, the concepts of queer-culture.


film director

Lia Hietala

Lia Hietala was born in Stockholm in 1993. Her first short film, If I Say No, was awarded a scholarship from the Norwegian Nordnorsk Film Center, while Min Homosyster (screened in the Generation 2017 section) won the Teddy Award for Best Short Film. He is currently studying Fine Arts at the University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.

Hannah Reinikainen

Hanna Reinikainen, born in Stockholm in 1992, studied journalism at the local university and directing (with a specialization in documentary filmmaking) at Biskops Arnö Nordens Folkhögskola. She collaborated with the Story production company as assistant director and editor for the feature film Shapeshifters, a documentary by Sophie Vukovic. He has also directed two short films.


& Credits

Montaggio/Editing Hannah Reinikainen, Lia Hietala, Anton Hemgren, Charlotte Landelius
Suono/Sound Fredrik Stålne
Musica/Music Shitkid
Interpreti/Cast Amber Mastracci, Sebastian, Olivera, Alma Mastracci, Luciano Mastracci
Produttore/Producer Göran Hugo Olsson & Melissa Lindgren
Produzione/Production Story AB