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La traction des pôles

Magnetic Harvest
by Marine Levéel
Country: France
Year: 2019
Duration: 23'

If you look to Mika close enough you'd see him lost in a nebula of wishes: he wishes to find his lost pork, to obtain its biological validation, to put an end to his loneliness in a blooming rapeseed field. But if you look at him far enough maybe you'd think he's attracting somebody.


film director

Marine Levéel

Marine Leveel graduated from ESAV, the Toulouse film school. Among his works Flottants (2011), Siblings or I Prefer Your Reality (2012), Feu d'artifice (2015) and La nonne de Sables (2016).


& Credits

Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Marine Levéel
Montaggio/Editing Marylou Vergez
Fotografia/Photography Léo Roussel
Suono/Sound Paul Jousselin
Musica/Music Santiago Dolan
Interpreti/Cast Gilles Vandeweerd, Victor Fradet, Xavier Clion, Jonathan Turnbull, Thomas Landbo, Bernadette Chapron, Domitille Chambon, Jean-Louis Lamouroux
Produttore/Producer Marine Levéel
Produzione/Production Apaches films – Jeanne Ezvan, Marthe Lamy