38^ Lovers Film Festival


by Gabriella Romano
Country: Italy
Year: 2011
Duration: 68'

The Lovers Film Festival's tribute to Lucy Salani shortly after her death. Based on her autobiographical book (Il mio nome è Lucy. L'italia del XX secolo nei ricordi di una transessuale), this documentary gives us an intimate portrait of the author herself, who endured the years of Fascism and the dreadful experience of being interned in Dachau. The only Italian trans woman who survived the horror of Nazi-Fascism. She became a symbol of the Italian Transgender movement thanks to the inestimable political value of her life.


film director

Gabriella Romano

Gabriella Romano (Turin, 1960) lived in London from 1987 to 2002. She has worked for newspapers, for magazines and for several English, Canadian and American TV networks. In Italy she has worked for "Gazzetta del Popolo" newspaper and the Rai Radio 3 station. She also directed the documentaries Son of the Desert (1990), L’altro ieri (2001), Ricordare (2003), La donna che cercò di uccidere il Duce: Violet Gibson (2009), Essere Lucy (2011) and Baci rubati (co-directed by Fabrizio Laurenti, 2021). She now lives in Rome.


& Credits

Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Gabriella Romano
Montaggio/Editing Ernaldo Data
Fotografia/Photography Ernallo Data, Marco Mensa
Suono/Sound Elisa Barbera, Elisa Mereghetti