Country: USA
Year: 2023
Duration: 70'

After experiencing the loss of many patients, front-line health professional Mike feels exhausted to the point he’s reached his limit and he can’t stand living with this pain. So, he decides to travel across the US to find himself and what he has lost during the past distressing months. Travelling all alone through the boundless American plains, Mike begins to have strange encounters and wonders if he is losing his mind or if something more sinister is going to overwhelm him. He will deal with the past by breaking the chains that imprison him, but...


film director

Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle is an actor, screenwriter and director. He studied acting at Juillard School and starred in several series produced by Netflix and by major American broadcast networks like CBS, NBC, FOX. He has appeared on the big screen in Green Lantern (by Martin Campbell, 2011) and in Jersey Boys (by Clint Eastwood, 2014). He directed the short film Shiner (2006), in competition at the Tribeca Film Festival, The Chase (2019), and the feature film Sell By (2019) and Passing Through (2023).


& Credits

Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Mike Doyle
Montaggio/Editing Jaime Sukonnik
Fotografia/Photography Mike Doyle
Suono/Sound Dinis Henriques, Tiago Cardoso
Musica/Music Jonathan Bingham
Interpreti/Cast Amy Ryan, Mike Doyle, Kevin Daniels, Charles Warburton
Produttore/Producer Mark Blane, Mike Doyle
Produzione/Production Sell By Film
Distribuzione/Distribution Shiner Film