Accreditation request

Professionals / Industry

Here below you can find the form to apply for the accreditation at the 38th Lovers Film Festival.

The accreditation, issued in line with the specific field of activity, is strictly personal and non-transferable and it allows access to the screenings in line with the available seats.

The applications must be submitted within and not later than April 7th, 2023.

Please note that viewers carrying cameras, movie cameras or audio-visual recording devices will be denied access to screenings.

The emission of the accreditation will cost 35 euros.

During this procedure, you will be required to upload an ID photo (Jpeg, maximum size 500 kb), as well as a formal request letter written on the relevant body or institute’s letterhead and signed by the legal representative (Pdf, maximum size 2 mb).

University students and graduate students wishing to present an accreditation request must upload a letter attesting to their studies, on the university faculty’s letterhead signed by a professor of the following scientific faculty sectors:


The details regarding the pick-up of the pass and the payment of the administration fee will be communicated later on.

The Festival reserves the right to accept or to not accept the requests according to the current legislation, internal regulations and its unchallengeable discretion.
Please remember that accreditations cannot be issued to minors under 18 years of age.

Every application will receive a response regarding its confirmation or its rejection.

For further information, please contact the Accreditation Office, exclusively by email, at the following address: