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Mole Antonelliana - Sala del Tempio
A talk between Lovers Film Festival's director Vladimir Luxuria and Sandra Milo, sponsor of the 36th Festival's edition.

Booking compulsory, with invitation

Cinema Massimo - Sala Cabiria
Double screening with the short Solitude by Fabio Grossi and the International Features Competition's Dramarama by Jonathan Wysocki

Attending: Fabio Grossi, Solitude's director

At the opening: Sandra Milo's greetings, the thousand faces of Vincenzo De Lucia, TikTok Lovers award ceremony

by Fabio Grossi

Country: Italy, Year: 2021, Duration: 7'

A gym. Two proportioned and athletic bodies. A game of playful glances. The locker room, where desire is kindled. But is it a one way feeling or is it mutual? The shower could become an alcove. Or perhaps a theatre for the dance of seduction.

by Jonathan Wysocki

Country: USA, Year: 2020, Duration: 91'

Escondido, California, 1994. Gene, a closeted gay teenager, is about to leave for college and has organized a final party to say goodbye to his friends from the drama class. The theatrical hostess Rose, together with serious Claire, magnetic Oscar and sarcastic Ally are all about to leave as well. This is Gene's, who's afraid of losing them, opportune (and last) propitious opportunity to come out and reveal his true self to his friends. Jonathan Wysocki's nostalgic and amusing debut feature film is a poignant love letter to theatre kids, late coming-outs and intense teen friendships.