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Cinema Massimo - Sala Cabiria
With: Lovers FF's director Vladimir Luxuria, Alessia Crocini, Associazione Famiglie Arcobaleno's chairperson, and Priscilla

Attending: Todd Flaherty, director of Chrissy Judy

by Todd Flaherty

Country: USA, Year: 2022, Duration: 96'

We all have that friend who is “too much”, always over the top, a drama queen. We can’t help loving them, though. If this friend also happens to be a drag queen, then it is a real Chrissy and Judy situation. An ironic comedy, that looks deeply into queer culture (mainly American), analyzing its unique features and the relations between its members, which can be annoying (but also humorous). A glance at the challenges that gay men have to overcome in their search for love, social acceptance, romance, identity and at their triumphs.