Country: Sweden
Year: 2023
Duration: 95'

Hanna leaves Sweden for her dream city: San Francisco. With the intention of exploring and fully experiencing the city’s queer scene, she meets Chloe and Cyd, a dominatrix and a trans guy, who will help her get close to the world of sex work. Labor is a film diary, a box full of interviews and experiences, a way for Hanna to keep track of her sexual awakening and identity discovery, to hold together the pieces of the person she was before leaving and the one she is becoming.



Cinema Massimo - Sala Rondolino


film director

Tove Pils

According to Tove Pils, cinema is a tool through which we can explore the concepts of sexuality and gender identity, as well as the LGBTQI+ community’s desires, struggles and spaces. Her filmography includes both documentaries and feature films, like Take My Sex Away (co-directed by Anna Eborn and Lovisa Elwerdotter), To Not Explode (2008), Push Me (2014), Sugar Oil Pine Water (2021) and Labor (2023), which competed in the last CHP:DOX in the NORDIC:DOX section.


& Credits

Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Tove Pils
Montaggio/Editing Andreas Jonsson Hay, Tove Pils
Fotografia/Photography Tove Pils
Suono/Sound David Gülich
Musica/Music Kent Olofsson
Interpreti/Cast Hanna, Chloe, Cyd, Nina Jeppsson
Produttore/Producer Melissa Lindgren
Produzione/Production Story AB
Vendite internazionali/World Sales The Film Collaborative