Preview Lovers and Archivissima for the 50th anniversary of FUORI!

Tuesday the 25th of May the yard of the Polo del ‘900 will host the Preview of the Lovers Film Festival and Archivissima. The event – attended by Alessandro Bollo, director of the Polo del ‘900, Maurizio Gelatti, from Fondazione Sandro Penna – FUORI!, Manuela Iannetti, director of  Archivissima and Vladimir Luxuria director of the Lovers Film Festival – will be the opportunity to present the preview of both festivals that take place in June.

The first festival is dedicated to the promotion of the heritage and stories preserved in the archives to the public; the second one, one of the most important LGBT film festivals in the world.

The bonding event will narrate the project of enhancement, curated by the Fondazione Sandro Penna – FUORI!, of the amazing Archival Heritage of FUORI! Fronte Unitario Omosessuale Rivoluzionario Italiano, that this year turns 50 years old and that from today is available on the 9centRo Hub, the portal for access to the digital archives of the Polo del ‘900. At the end of the discussion the documentary “Fuori! Storia del primo movimento omosessuale in Italia (1971-2011)” curated by Angelo Pezzana e Enzo Cucco will be shown.

Free entry with reservations here