Special Event – Lovers presents Willy Vaira’s new book Il salotto di Giò Stajano

Wednesday the 9th of June, at 6.30 pm, OFF TOPIC (via Giorgio Pallavicino 35, Torino) will host another event of the long-awaited 36th Lovers Film Festival, which will take place live, from the 17th to the 20th of June 2021, in Turin at the Cinema Massimo, the official Museo Nazionale del Cinema’s multiplex.

Lovers Film Festival presents, in collaboration with  OFF TOPIC, Willy Vaira‘s new book Il salotto di Giò Stajano. The book is about homosexuality in Italy in the 70s, told through a collection of letters sent to the magazine “Men” for the column “Il salotto di Oscar W. spolverato da Giò Stajano”. The book was just released by Maggi Editore. Also Rita RoginaWalter Riccarelli e Antonio Mocciola will interact with the author.

Willy Vaira is also the author of Pubblici scandali e private virtù. Dalla Dolce vita al convento, the biography about Giò Stajano built thanks to a long conversation between the author and the artist. Both books are dedicated to Giò Stajano, historical figure for the lgbtqi world and first transgender woman in Italy.

Free entry until available places are exhausted, places must be booked by texting the number 3884463855 on whatsapp.

The event will take place in respect of the current COVID19 restrictions.