The 2021 image created by Fumettibrutti

It’s Yole Signorelli, aka Fumettibrutti, one of the most famous comic artists and activist in Italy, that created the Lovers Film Festival’s 2021 image, one of the oldest LGBTQI (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans, queer and intersexual) festival that will take place live from the 17th to the 20th of June 2021, at the Cinema Massimo, the official Museo Nazionale del Cinema’s multiplex.

“I drew the poster thinking about my teenage years and how meaningful an image like this would be, which reiterates the importance of accepting different bodies. I got inspired by the movie “Stealing Beauty”, in which the main character goes into adulthood consciously and proud of herself, but focusing on a transgender girl, who has not undergone an operation, who becomes familiar with her wonderful diversity against the homologation of a heteronormative society” says Yole Signorelli.

“I’m very proud that Yole aka Fumettibrutti chose to donate to us one of her creations because, in my opinion, it perfectly reflects our time and our festival that is a positive and happy event like the yellow chosen for the image. The color of the sun, of who wants to live in the sunlight, and of who is born again after a long lockdown, Lovers is, also, a festival of introspection that touches hot topics like violence or homophobia and that’s why I think the chosen image represents the festival best” says the director of the festival Vladimir Luxuria.