The winners of the 36th Lovers Film Festival

All the Lovers

Jury: 4 students of the Università degli Studi di Torino (Jessica Tripodi, Davide Tiberga, Michelangelo Morello, Yulia Neproshina) officiated and coordinated by Costantino della Gherardesca.

The Feature Films Jury, gives the Ottavio Mai prize, that includes 1000 euros, to:

Swan Song by Todd Philips

The 76-year-old cult actor Udo Kier, delivers an actual on-screen swan song through his spectacular performance which is ongoing throughout the film. The director Todd Stephens deals with the ever so poignant theme of solitude but most importantly with the theme of remembrance. Udo Kier plays Pat Pitsenberg, a senior gay hairdresser in middle America who represents and remembers the life and the social conditions of lgbt people from the 1960s to the 1990s. The Film pays homage to the courage of those LGBT people who were forced to take their destiny into their own hands, expressing their identity without waiting for permission or acknowledgement. The Film highlights the normalization of the lgbt world in the United States, comparing the present to those years of the 20th century when being gay meant accepting inevitable compromises and adopting a libertine socio-cultural lifestyle.

An honorable Mention to:

Dramarama by Jonathan Wysocki

The Film tackles the theme of coming out in an American Christian environment in the 1990s, through an insightful and almost theatrical screenplay and a successful collective performance despite the young age of the actors.

Real Lovers

Jury: 4 students of the Università degli Studi di Torino (Matteo Masi, Cristian Cerutti, Giulia Seccia, Chiara Iurlaro) officiated and coordinated by Adele Tulli.

The Documentary Jury Gives the prize of 500 euros, as well as the opportunity to distribute the film, offered by Ucca Aps, Arci Torino and Altera, to:

Limiar by Coraci Ruiz

Through an intergenerational narration, the director illustrates her son’s transition, while gently bringing to light a profound dialogue on the social and political dimensions connected to gender identity. Recording the evolution of the feminist mindset and the feminist fight in Brazil, the film proves to be a deeply intimist piece which transmits the urgent message of the fluid conception of a gender identity that unhinges the traditional thresholds. 

An honorable Mention to:

Socks on Fire by Bo McGuire

While narrating the discrimination faced in the deep South of the United States through perfectly queer lenses, the film succeeds in addressing homophobia as an actual form of horror. The hybridization between reality and fiction aims to find the roots of hate, to face it and set it on fire. 

Future Lovers

Jury: 4 students of the Scuola Holden of Turin (Matteo Di Lizia, Giulio Arras, Cecilia Bardini, Irene Filippi) officiated and coordinated by Francesco Foschini.

The Shorts Film Jury gives the prize of 300 euros supported by Sicurezza e Lavoro to:

Snake by Andrey Volkashi

For the precious archival research. For the sensitivity and the director’s point of view which transmits his poetic conscience to the public, in a balanced dialogue between visual and sound language. 

An Honorable Mention to:

Dal giorno finché sera by Alessandro Gattuso

 For having opposed childhood innocence to the narrow-mindedness of a traditional society, challenging prejudice bravely. For directing inspired and capturing moments of unconscious freedom.

Torino Pride Award

Jury: Stefania Basso, Tosca Cellini, Gigi Malaroda, Angela Mazzoccoli e Giziana Vetrano.

For the second year, the Torino Pride price is awarded to the film judged as the most effective in telling the passing of meaning between different generations, ready to accept new identities.

The Torino Pride with the Associazione Amiche e Amici della cultura e del festival del cinema LGBT gives the price that includes 800 euros:

La nave del olvido by Nicol Ruiz

La nave del olvido reinterprets, also thanks an excellent use of the photography, the “magical realism” of Latin American literature in the key of extraterrestrial beings that perhaps indicate a path out of social conventionality.

The film places at the center the figure of a woman socially humble and seemingly without great cultural tools, that with determination conquers and upholds the right to self-determination and the pursuit of happiness, going against the current of the world that surrounds her but knowing how to also indicate a path to follow to the new generations.  

Giò Stajano Award

The festival, from an idea by the writer Willi Vaira and Claudio Carossa, an award dedicated the memory of Giò Stajano, one of the most important and significant figures of Italian LGBTQI culture, kept in the background for too long.

The prize, that includes 500 euros is awarded to:

Landlocked di Timothy Hall

For telling with rare sensibility, power, and great humility a profound theme and not really approached by the film industry, like the slow and difficult path of rapprochement between a child and their transgender parent.

New and intimate realities, lived between troubles, sufferings, and joy in the process of learning that everyone’s life must be full of love, respect, and comprehension. From today and forever, stop the hate, stop the violence and the ignorance that comes with it

Young Lovers | Matthew Sheppard Award

Jury: 4 students (Alice Viscogliosi, Marta Rabellino, Martina Braconaro, Miriam Mussone, Noemi Mussone) officiated and coordinated by Walter Revello, president of Libere Gabbie.

The Young Lovers jury, between all the movies in the feature films category, gives the price (an art piece by to Andrea Prestifilippo named Matthew) in collaboration with Liberegabbie and Museo Nesta to: JUMP, DARLING by Phil Connell

For telling with visual and emotional power the generational confrontation in the acceptance of ourselves, our limits, our dreams and remembering that it’s never too late to take over the reins of our life.

An honorable mention to the interpretation of Cloris Leachman, poignant and hypnotic, sharp as blades from ice skates.

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